Unboxing Extreme

Unboxing Extreme

Unboxing Extreme
  • Can You Fry an Egg On a Wi-Fi Access Point?

    An access point needs to be efficient without consuming heaps of power. Watch Isaac attempt to get the indoor Wi-Fi 6E AP5010 hot enough to fry an egg on it. Will he succeed?

    To learn more about the AP5010, please visit: https://www.extremenetworks.com/product/ap5010/

  • Licensing from high up!

    Extreme licensing comes to the rescue for those 'OOPS' moments everyone has now and then. In Isaac's case, it happens rather regularly. See Isaac have one of 'those' moments. Did it break, did he destroy it? Watch and find out.

  • How many Isaac's does it take to stack Extreme Switches?

    You can stack and stack and stack but if you're physically short, stacking switches is not going to help much, or is it? Watch Isaac have a go!