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  • AP3000/X:Designed to Optimize Performance in High-Density and Harsh Environments

    The AP3000 is the lowest power consumption and smallest form factor Wi-Fi 6E access point on the market! The new AP3000 is designed to optimize performance in both high-density and harsh environments, and has just 13.9W of power draw, making it the lowest power consumption Wi-Fi 6E access point i...

  • ExtremeCloud IQ Site Engine Workflows - Part 1

    In this video, the Workflows component of Extreme Cloud IQ Site Engine is explored as a development environment that allows network administrators to easily create tools that can automate many manual and repetitive tasks that consume so much of an administrators time.

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  • Demo of Rigado Edge Connect on ExtremeWireless Access Points

    Rigado’s VP of Marketing demos how the Rigado/Extreme integration adds lower power wireless sensor capabilities to Extreme access points and is then managed via the Extreme network management tools. Watch to learn how you can get more information out of a physical space. Learn more: https://www.e...

  • Meet the Extreme AP5010

    At Extreme Connect, the team demoed new universal access points, including the AP5010. Watch this video to learn how you can future-proof your high-density environment while delivering high-quality services. Learn more:

  • Licensing ExtremeCloud IQ Controller v10.0x

    How to license ExtremeCloud IQ Controller v10.0, including upgrading your controller license from Extreme Campus Controller v5.0 to ExtremeCloud IQ Controller v10.0.

  • Introducing ExtremeLocation Essentials

    Wi-Fi and BLE location services are now included within the ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot subscription. ExtremeLocation Essentials brings out the true value of location-based services by delivering powerful analytics and trends to provide business insights.

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  • Introducing ExtremeIoT Essentials

    Simplifying IoT onboarding without compromising security, ExtremeIoT Essentials are now included within the ExtremeCloud IQ Pilot subscription.

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  • Introducing ExtremeGuest Essentials

    Simple, secure, customizable guest onboarding and registration without incurring additional cost or complexity comes to ExtremeCloud IQ.

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  • Introducing AirDefense Essentials

    AirDefense Essentials is a subset of AirDefense Enterprise that has been cloudified and included in ExtremeCloud IQ. The initial AirDefense Essentials feature monitors over 30 threats, and the cloudification of the platform means that AirDefense Essentials can be expanded and improved without int...

  • Installation Video - AP3916ic AP7642ic

    Installation for Extreme Networks Wireless Camera Access Point